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Kathleen Conway (1921-2009) ?>

Kathleen Conway (1921-2009)

It was with great sadness by all at the Priestley Society that we learned recently of the passing of Kathleen Conway of Birstall. Kath was a lifelong champion of Birstall’s Priestley heritage, and founder member of the Priestley Society. Kath died peacefully at Kirkwood Residential Home, Ilkley on 18th June 2009, aged 88.

Kathleen Conway was born on 6th September 1921 in Windhill, Shipley, West Yorkshire, where she spent her childhood. On leaving her local school Kath undertook training in nursing and nursed in hospitals in the north of England during the Second World War. Kathleen made a career of nursing, highlighted by her achievement of the Queen’s Nursing Award. She was chosen as a representative for her region to attend the International Congress of Nursing in Tokyo, 1977. Specializing in midwifery and then district nursing, for many years Kath served the people of Birstall, Batley and environs as a district nursing sister. She was known to many in her community as ‘Sister Conway’.

A Guide to Lucid Dreaming ?>

A Guide to Lucid Dreaming

Can you control your dreams, and do anything your heart desires?

Can you fly, and give your body the physical sensation of flying?

Can you explore your secret fantasies, as if they were really happening to you, without ever leaving the pillow?

Yes! And it’s called Lucid Dreaming 🙂

I discovered lucid dreaming when I was 16, exploring the shelves of my local library. I knew what the word lucid meant, and I knew what the word dream meant….