Anyone can join the Priestley Society for free. Once you are a member you can provide feedback more easily; receive Priestley Society minutes and information on upcoming events; give us a permenant reference for any communication between us about Priestley; and generally show your support for our charity. We will not give your details to anybody else, our membership is free, and you can easily leave the Society at any point.

People join for a wide variety of reasons, some are interested in family genealogy, others in Priestley as a scientist or a Unitarian. Others simply want to know more about Priestley or be first to hear about new information such as new Priestley books. We have numerous members ranging from university Professors to those that just have an interest in the character. If you have any particular interest in Priestley joining certainly can't hurt.

Furthermore, if you think you can contribute something to our site we greatly encourage you to join. Also, you can visit us at any point, for details please see the meetings section.

You can join us now if you are interested.

If you have any further questions about membership please contact us.