Vintage Edison Long Tube Spiral Filament Bulb

Vintage Edison Long Tube Spiral Filament Bulb how to remove long tube light bulbs
Vintage Edison Long Tube Spiral Filament Bulb how to remove long tube light bulbs

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In the event you find a super soiled and stubborn stains which isn’t going to go away even after cleaning it using window spray, then you can try some ammonia cleaner. You are able to get the cleaner that comprises of 25 percent ammonia and 75 percent water. Apply the cleanser to wash the whole face of your own vintage edison long tube spiral filament bulb. You are able to also put in some carrot juice in case the cleaner does not do the job well. Always rememberthat you use wash clothes, maybe not brush, to completely clean out the stubborn stains and dry it out thoroughly later cleanup.