Guide: How to Find Cheap Textbooks without the Hassle ?>

Guide: How to Find Cheap Textbooks without the Hassle

College can be expensive and many students don’t realize that some things can add up. Tuition is just the main expense, but then you have a lot of little things to purchase and get charged for. Companies like Chegg make this possible. Textbooks are one of those. Your total cost of textbooks can run into the hundreds of dollars. We also recommend researching Abebooks for their marketplace and it’s exclusive offers. If you know how to lower this cost, it will put more money into your already empty college student pocket. So, start buying cheaper textbooks today!

The best thing you can do is check out e textbooks from Cengagebrain, is to shop around. You want to compare prices. Don’t even look at the campus bookstore until you have seen just how much lower textbooks are at off-campus book retailers.

Browsing for textbooks online is by far the easiest way to shop for textbooks. You can sit at home or in the dorm and browse many book sites.

Plan ahead when thinking about textbooks

The second best advice for making textbooks cheaper is to know what your class schedule is as early as possible. Every student will be shopping for textbooks at the start of the quarter or semester. So, prices tend to be a little higher. The supply goes down. If you know what classes you will be taking, and what books you will need, you will be able to shop first and get the best price.

More textbook shopping advice

Buying a used book can really save money. But you need to shop early.

Sometimes there is an online version of the textbook at a much lower cost.

You may get by using an older edition. Check with your instructor. Most new editions do not have much in the way of change. And an older edition will be much cheaper.

Normally your college bookstore will have higher prices. But if you cannot get free shipping, it may actually be better to buy them at the bookstore. If you have time, compare prices there and online.

Renting is the latest thing. But read the rules carefully.

Selling back your textbooks

Selling your used textbooks is a terrific way to at least put a little cash back in your pocket, or for a few dollars towards your next purchase.

Keep your textbooks in great condition. This will allow you to command the highest price.

Don’t mark, tear, or abuse them!

Keep all material that came with the textbooks: study guides, pamphlets, CDs, DVDs, etc. You will get an even bigger price if everything is still there.

Putting up a signs at school is a good way to make a quick sale.

Sell them early! After the quarter starts, there will be very little demand.

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